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Re: normative expectations of adjunct work

Sometimes there are rules against adjuncts serving on committees (either service to the university or on master's/dissertation committees), but they vary greatly depending upon the institution. A full-time lecturer or researcher or something like that, may have other duties outside of teaching specified in their contracts or in the faculty handbook that outlines the duties of the position.

Re: normative expectations of adjunct work

Mr. Boxer, Adjunct working conditions vary a lot, but it is not normative for part-time instructors to take on extra advising, committee or service work, because it is not technically part of their paid contracts just to teach. Adjuncts are not paid for such duties. Some adjuncts do undertake those responsibilities at their own discretion, however. Professional societies like the Organization of American Historians have promulgated best employment practices for adjuncts that urge extra payment for service and administrative duties. Participation in department seminars is another issue.

normative expectations of adjunct work

With apologies in advance for anyone who may have seen this on another venue, I could use a little advice. I've been asked to make a very quick decision about teaching next year, and I'm curious about what is considered normative in adjunct work. Certainly teaching and all of the tasks associated with it are included, but are adjuncts ever asked to provide other services to their departments (and under what circumstances are those reasonable requests)?