ISO Resources for Independent Scholars on Disability

Tammy Clemons Discussion

I am a long-time member of H-Net and new H-Adjunct member. I am in the adjunct pool at a local private liberal arts college, a media teaching artist (as an independent contractor) in K-12 schools, and an independent scholar. I am also currently receiving medical disability, and I am looking for resources/community for contingent workers on disability.

In general, contingent work is not well understood or supported (as adjunct instructors already know), and I'm struggling to find information to navigate this confusing and doubly-precarious health and financial terrain. I'm actually grateful that I'm not teaching adjunct this semester because of the monthly income limits for disability benefits, and the Social Security Administration already doesn't know what to do with my other short-term contract work and a recent year-long project grant I received.

I am working on some research grant proposals, and I'm proactively planning for the possibility that I receive some or all of the requested funding. I would appreciate any insights, resources, and/or contacts from adjunct instructors/independent scholars in a similar situation!

In solidarity,

*Tammy Clemons