A College Gave This Adjunct 3 Classes to Teach. Then It Forgot to Tell Him.

Howard Smead Discussion

From The Chronicle:

Last week, Paul Crenshaw got a phone call that faculty everywhere have nightmares about.

“‘Where were you?’” asked the voice on the other end. It was an official from a college in Kansas. Crenshaw never showed up to teach his first class of the term, and the college, not unreasonably, wanted to know why.

But Crenshaw had no idea he was supposed to be teaching a class. And apparently, it wasn’t the only one he was supposed to lead.


Here the link to X (nee Twitter): https://twitter.com/PaulCrenstorm/status/1691789218073170362

Nightmare phone call yesterday: "Prof Crenshaw, why you didn't teach your class today? Where were you?" Guys, this college where I adjuncted 1 class LAST FALL, gave me 3 classes without telling me. No email. No phone call. No contract.