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Kathryn Edney Announcement
Illinois, United States
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Humanities, Popular Culture Studies

The Folklore Area of the Popular Culture Association is considering proposals for sessions organized around a theme, special panels, and/or individual papers related to Folklore Studies for the 2024 Popular Culture Association Conference. Sessions are typically scheduled in 1½ hour slots, with four papers per standard session. Presentations should not exceed 15 minutes. As always, proposals addressing any topic concerning folklore studies are welcome, including but not limited to the following:

  • Folklore in Popular Culture/Folklore as Popular Culture
  • Folklore and digital media
  • Influence of folklore on other forms of culture (literature, film, music, etc.)
  • Folklore and Religion
  • Folklore and Material Culture
  • The difference between oral and literary sources of tradition
  • Folklore and Gender
  • Folklore and children
  • Uses of folklore
  • Folklore and Globalism/Regionalism/Localism
  • Illustrators/Illustrations of and in folklore
  • Folklore and memory/memory studies
  • Symbolism in folklore
  • The relationship between folklore and fairy tale studies/literary studies/anthropology

Please note that this area does not accept proposals from undergraduate students. 

For individual papers, please submit a title and 300-word (max word count) abstract, and follow the PCA’s submission guidelines: The conference will take place March 27-30, 2024 in Chicago, Illinois:

Please send all inquiries to the area chair:
Dr. Kathryn Edney
Associate Provost, Regis College

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Dr. Kathryn Edney

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