Research Networking Project “Language and Gender: Academic Research and Practical Implementation”

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Research Networking Project “Language and Gender: Academic Research and Practical Implementation”

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This Research Networking Project will bringing together practitioners and academics from many different cultural and linguistic backgrounds. The participating academics cover various languages and work in diverse disciplines and fields such as Linguistics, Psychology, Translation Studies, and Languages. They all conduct research on gender and language, with a focus on encouraging gender-inclusive language. Our network will lead to interdisciplinary collaboration, and will facilitate the transfer of knowledge and expertise across the different aforementioned disciplines and fields.

The network will advance knowledge and understanding in these fields by facilitating collaborations between the participating academics and practitioners, promoting research on gender and language, and sharing best practices with regard to the use of gender-inclusive language in various contexts. The network can also contribute to the broader societal discourse on gender and language, including the role of language in shaping our perceptions of gender, and the importance of gender-inclusive language use in developing gender equality.

The activities and outcomes of the network will be of interest to a range of academic audiences and disciplines, including Linguistics, Psychology, Translation Studies, and Languages, as well as practitioners.

The three project workshops will lead to significant output: The two academic workshops, i.e. the one on terminology, and the one on state of research and desiderata, will result in one edited volume each, to be published by a company of excellent standing. The workshop for practitioners will result in a stakeholder targeted report, to contain the key highlights, findings, and recommendations resulting from the workshop. This document will be disseminated among the project participants, and also for interested outsiders via the project website.

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Dr Falco Pfalzgraf |  School of Languages, Linguistics and Film | Queen Mary University of London | United Kingdom

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