Using the My H-Net Page

Your My H-Net page serves as a customizable landing page that centralizes all of your H-Net notifications, settings and preferences, history of posted content, saved searches, and more. Read on for some tips and tricks for making the most out of this feature.

You can access your My H-Net page from anywhere on the site. Click on the Person icon in the top-level menu and the My H-Net links will be the first ones in the expanded menu that appears. From here, you can either click "My H-Net Home," or you can choose the specific page within My H-Net that you need. You can always access all of the pages within My H-Net, including My Profile and Notifications, from your My H-Net homepage, so start there if you are not sure where to begin.

Getting to know your My H-Net Page

Let's explore the different components of your My H-Net page. Once you have landed on your My H-Net homepage, take a look at the menu on the right side of the screen. You should see links to Profile, Settings, and Email Notifications.

Profile: The Profile link will allow you to manage, adjust, and update your H-Net profile. Your profile allows other H-Net users to get to know you based on your publications, research interests, and more. Keeping this profile updated can help you connect with like-minded scholars and find collaborators on future projects, conference panels, etc. For more information on how to edit your profile, click here

Settings: The Settings link will allow you to change your password, update or change the email address associated with your H-Net Commons account, and more. 

Adjust Notifications: The Adjust Notifications link will allow you to manage your email notifications for all networks where you are a member or a subscriber. Go here if you would like to increase or decrease the amount of emails you receive from H-Net and its networks. 

Customizing Feeds on My H-Net

To customize the feeds that appear on your My H-Net homepage, click the "Edit" tab (pictured in the sequence of images below). The default feed for your homepage is "Recent Content in My Networks," which will automatically update with any new content that is posted to any network where you are a subscriber or a member.

Some suggested options for customizing My H-Net homepage feeds include:

  1. Change the "Recent Content in My Networks" feed to show only one specific type of content, such as Announcements or Reviews, rather than all content types. If you primarily use H-Net to read reviews, for example, you may want to customize your My H-Net feed to display reviews only.
  2. Create separate feeds for your favorite network so that content from that network does not get mixed up with content from different networks. If you are subscribed to several networks but there is one that you engage with most often, it might be useful to create a dedicated feed to display new content from that network on your My H-Net homepage.

See the videos below for steps to customize your My H-Net homepage.

Adjust the Content Displayed in Existing Feeds

To edit existing feeds or create new ones, hover over any of the existing feeds and a suite of editor options will appear. To edit existing feeds, click on the pencil icon in the top left corner of the feed in the editor pane. You can choose to rename the feed if you wish, and you can change the kind of content your feed will display by unchecking or checking the box next to each content type. 

Create New Feeds

To add or create a new feed, hover over any of the existing feeds and click the "+" sign that appears at either the top or the bottom of that existing feed, depending on whether you want the new feed to appear above or below the existing one. You can always rearrange these later if you choose. Once you click the "+," you must choose the kind of feed you want to create. To create a feed that will display content from all networks where you are a subscriber or member, select "Content in My Networks." If you want to create a feed that will display content from only one network, select "Content in a Single Network." Give the feed a title, and in the Networks dropdown menu, select the network you wish to display. Use the checkboxes to indicate what types of content you want to see from that network, and be sure to hit "Save" when you're done.