When new content is available on your networks, you will receive notifications in two ways: via email or displayed on the website in the Notifications section of My H-Net.

This page explains how to customize the frequency with which you receive email notifications from networks where you are a subscriber or a member. If you are looking for instructions for how to subscribe or become a member of a network, OR if you wish to unsubscribe or leave a network, head over to our Managing Subscriptions and Memberships page. 

Email Notifications

You will receive email notifications when your networks post new content, like announcements, discussions, or reviews. You can customize the frequency and amount of emails you receive. The options for receiving email notifications are “Individual Post,” “Daily Digest,” and “None." To manage your email notification settings, click on the Person icon in the top-level menu. Under the Manage heading, select "Notifications." On the next screen, you will see a list of all networks to which you are subscribed. Next to each of these networks, use the drop down menu to choose your preferred email notification frequency. 

Individual Post: Setting your email notifications to "Individual Post" will produce the most emails, since you will receive an email notification for each new post on your networks.

Daily Digest: Setting your email notifications to "Daily Digest" will produce fewer emails. Your Daily Digest will come in the form of a single email per day, and will contain all of the new content from across all networks where you are subscribed. 

None: If you do not wish to receive email notifications when new content is posted to your networks, you can set your preference to "None." You will still be able to review the new content that has been posted to your networks by navigating to your Notifications page directly on the Commons. This is discussed in more detail below.

Onsite Notifications

In addition to receiving email notifications when there is new content on your networks, you will also receive notifications on the website when you are logged in. The Bell icon in the top-level menu will indicate new content. If your Bell icon has a number badge attached to it, this means that you have new notifications. The number in the badge corresponds with the number of notifications waiting for your review. Click on the Bell icon to open your notifications. 

You can also review your notifications in your My H-Net page. To access your My H-Net page, click the Person icon in the top-level menu. Under the My H-Net heading, click "My H-Net Home." See our more detailed guide on using your My H-Net page