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Note: This is the first offering in what we hope will be an ongoing series of blog posts from the elected officers of H-Net.

Writing in 2004, Jonathan Spence wondered whether he might be the last AHA President to have experienced a once-ubiquitous artifact, the schoolroom inkwell. With his characteristic subtlety of evocation and economy of style, Spence invoked this memory to reflect on the changes in scholarly practice he had witnessed over his career.

Those of us trained in the 1980s and 1990s have lived through a transformation at least as momentous as the disappearance of inkwells: the

New Strategic Plan for H-Net 2020 has been posted

Randolph Hollingsworth (she/her) Discussion

Greetings, it is my great pleasure as the outgoing Past-President of H-Net Council to announce the posting of the 2020 Strategic Plan for H-Net. I encourage all of our readers, subscribers and network leadership to review the new plan that the Council has in place to articulate the direction in which we want to move forward as a community.

With much appreciation to all those who contributed to the thinking involved in building this strategic plan - either by examplar or direct input to the Council.

Sincerely yours,


Looking Back at the Year in H-Net

Randolph Hollingsworth (she/her) Blog Post

At the close of the calendar year, and as my role as H-Net Council President comes to an end, it is timely to reflect on what has taken place this past year. In the first few weeks of the year, I consulted with the Vice-Presidents, and especially with Monika Lehner (H-Net VP Teaching & Learning), and the Home Office Staff. I found that one of the issues I could adress is to help make the Council’s work more transparent. We built the public network, HNet-Executive-Council, so that the VPs and I could blog on a regular basis about things we felt were important, and the minutes of the H-Net