Project Proposals

This page contains a list of all H-Net networks that have expressed interest in discussing project proposals and catalogs some past collaborations. We recommend that individuals initiate the proposal process by emailing the editors at a given network with a 250-word outline of the project, the proposer’s C.V., and a timeline for the project’s launch and completion. Proposers should also feel welcomed to CC the Associate Director of Networks ( and the Vice President of Networks ( on their initial proposal or to email them separately for advice. The initial proposal process should be followed by a period of careful discussion among the proposers and the network’s editorial team about the feasibility and mechanics of potential project.

Some sample projects and collaborations from the past include:

2018 OAH Conference Recordings

H-CivWar's From our Partners

H-Slavery's Conference Reports and Collaborations

H-Kentucky's Kentucky Woman Suffrage Project

H-Russia's OCR Bookshelf


In cases where an existing editorial team decides to bring on one or more individuals as editors on board members to pursue a project, those individuals need to go through the standard nomination, application, and certification processes outlined on this page.

The following networks have expressed interest in discussing project proposals from either individuals or scholarly organizations. Networks may add project proposal pages to this table by applying the category “H-Net Network Project Proposal Page” to the page.