Georgia G. Moore

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Eastern Cemetery
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Burial site of Georgia G. Moore (1864-1915)

641 Baxter Avenue
Louisville, 40204
United States

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Kentucky Woman Suffrage Project
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Georgia G. Moore (1864-1915) of Louisville was called the Phillis Wheatley of Kentucky because of her regular appearances at public celebrations where she would read her own poetry. In 1914 she and Edwina Thomas won a debate at the Western Colored Library against attorneys W. H. Wright and Al A. Andrews on women’s right to vote. She retired after thirty years of teaching, and the South Louisville Colored School was renamed after her death, the Georgia G. Moore School. She is buried in Eastern Cemetery in a plot purchased by the Ladies Union Band Society.

Reference Source of Information
Washington Bee: 6 April 1912; 13 April 1912; 7 February 1914; 28 August 1915.