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Network Editors manage, edit, and support H-Net networks. They are stewards of H-Net's most valuable assets and responsible for developing content on their networks. They are entrusted with procuring relevant, timely contributions that inform the field and have the potential to impact the scholarly conversation within their fields. They moderate discussions, edit posts, solicit and commission contributions, develop new features, manage subscriptions, work with H-Net to develop and implement editing policies and practices, and directly post messages to their networks.

Networks preferably have teams of network editors to share the duties. Their workload can vary with the practices and division of labor for individual networks and can include moderating incoming posts from subscribers, creating and/or contributing to specialized projects and features, organizing the network's homepage, and developing local editorial policies. Network editors must have strong field qualifications for the subject covered by the network; have reliable internet access; and pass training in H-Net's content management system. H-Net provides basic training and limited support. For a description of our general posting and subscription management guidelines, click here.

Network editors, once approved by H-Net council, are recommended to keep their positions for two years or the duration of the network project they were recruited for.

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