Gallipoli Campaign

Hannah Slajus Contribution

The Gallipoli Campaign was launched by the British and French in April, 1915.  The goal was to capture the Ottoman capital of Constantinople and secure the Dardanelles Strait to create a sea route to the Russian Empire.  The campaign involved a naval attack and multiple landings.  Ultimately the Allies abandoned the campaign in January, 1916 and the Ottomans were victorious.


Image Credit:  Wikimedia Commons

This image was made from the following source images (listed at their sources as "public domain" or "not restricted"): Top: Australian War Memorial image P01141.001 Middle left: File:British and French Battle Fleet at the entrance to the Dardanelles.jpg Middle right: Alexander Turnbull Library PA1-o-308-23-3 Bottom left: Australian War Memorial image A02598 Bottom right: Australian War Memorial image G00544