Frankfort Cemetery Tour to Honor Local Suffragists 2021

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This brochure was the creation of Mary Ann Burch, chair of the Frankfort Suffrage Women Cemetery Project. Burch wanted to identify and honor the women suffrage leaders buried in the Frankfort Cemetery by placing a small bronze plaque on their gravesites. The brochure supports a tour of Frankfort Suffragists' burial sites that took place on August 21, 2021, as part of a day-long Women's Equality Day Celebration.

Mary Ann Burch and Sylvia Coffey are part of the Women Suffragist Centennial Chorus which has been performing for several years now as they commemorate those who fought for the right to vote - and to remind us that this fight for universal suffrage continues today. Other members of their project committee are Robin Antenucci (Frankfort Tourism), Patty Peavler (Pres. of the Frankfort Cemetery Board), Jodi Lewis (KY Historical Society), Sara Elliott (Liberty Hall), and Marsha Weinstein (Pres. National Collaborative for Women Historical Sites).

Descriptions of each of the twenty-five suffragists being honored can be found in the Kentucky Woman Suffrage Project digital map by searching on Frankfort Cemetery under "Name of Historic Site": the resulting list can be found here.