Members of H-Net advisory boards assist in the peer-reviewing process and the development of multimedia content by assisting editors in making policies for their networks; reviewing disputes brought to their attention by the network or review editors; serving as "ambassadors" for their networks by joining discussions, helping to recruit new editors and board members, developing new threads, and serving as liaisons to professional organizations and the educational community at large. Advisory board terms are variable. One advisory board member from each network is entitled to a non-voting membership on H-Staff, H-Net's internal policy network.

Procedure for nominating an advisory board member to the executive committee:

Please fill out the board member application form. Editors of existing networks, or contact persons developing a new network may bundle all advisory board statements into one message. In any case, it is important that the nominees be directed to this site and indicate they are aware of the commitment they are undertaking:

1. In the case of an operating network, a member of the network's editorial/advisory team must endorse the applicant by filling out the Nomination Form.

2. A message signed by the nominee:

  • accepting the nomination;
  • providing complete and current contact information (including a working email address);
  • briefly stating field qualifications (please do not send a full CV unless requested by the executive committee or the executive director). This can be a concise statement of pertinent publications, service, or teaching experience that demonstrates to the nonspecialist that the nominee is sufficiently acquainted with the field to be able to act as a member of the board;
  • a brief statement of the nominee's plans to advance the network or book-review operation as appropriate.

Your name.
The institution(s) with which you are affiliated, if any. Say "independent scholar" or similar as applicable.
Name of the network where you are applying to serve as an Advisory Board Member.