Fayette E.R.A. Annual Meeting September 13-15, 1915 in the Phoenix Hotel

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Project Name:
Kentucky Woman Suffrage

Name of Historic Site:
Phoenix Hotel (no longer standing)

Event(s)/Use associated with woman/group/site:
1915 annual meeting of the Fayette County Equal Rights Association



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East Main Street at

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University of Kentucky

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On September 13-15, 1915 the Fayette County Equal Rights Association held their annual meeting in the Phoenix Hotel.

Elected officers:

  • President, Mrs. E.L. Hutchinson, 631 East Main Street
  • First Vice President, Mrs. F.O. Young, 257 South Limestone
  • Second Vice President, Mrs. W.D. Frake, 140 Barr Street
  • Third Vice President, Mrs. W.F. Clore, 265 South Ashland Avenue
  • Treasurer, Mrs. Curry Tunis, 442 Fayette Park
  • Secretary, Miss Margaret Preston, Hampton Court

They organized suffrage talks to be made in Woodford County district schools, Lexington universities and schools. Reports indicated that the speakers heard that year were Sue Helen Ring Robinson, Mrs. Desha (Madeline McDowell) Breckinridge, Mrs. E.L. (Jessie) Hutchinson, Mrs. Clarence Le Bus, Mr. Walter Millard, and Mrs. Harrison Gardner [Elizabeth Dunster Gibson] Foster.

The following delegates were appointed to go to Atlantic City for the NAWSA convention on October 21: Laura Clay, Ida W. Harrison, Mrs. E.S. Scott, and Mrs. Elizabeth Searles Spanton.