Episode 6-The 1968 Constitution

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In 2018, we celebrated the fiftieth anniversary of the current Florida Constitution. This podcast series will look back at all the Constitutions in Florida starting with the first Florida Constitution drafted in 1838. These interviews were recorded at the 2018 annual meeting of the Florida Conference of Historians. The daylong sessions examined each of the Florida Constitutions and discussed how they addressed the concerns of their time. The sessions took place at the old Senate Chamber in the Florida Historic Capitol Museum in Tallahassee.

Robert Cassanello, an associate professor of history at the University of Central Florida and Julian Chambliss a professor of English at Michigan State University moderated the discussion. During the conference, Mary Adkins from the University of Florida Law School spoke with Robert Cassanello about the 1968 Constitution.

This series was produced by Robert Cassanello and Julian Chambliss. Holly Baker was the host and production assistant. We’d like to thank David Proctor and Jesse Hingson with the Florida Conference of Historians for assisting in the recording of this series. You can find out more about FCH at www.floridaconferenceofhistorians.org/. We'd also like to thank the University of Central Florida's Public History Program.