Episode 5: William Domnarski

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Most individuals who have touched legal scholarship even briefly have been introduced to the prolific writings of Richard Posner, a judge on the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Seventh Circuit and great force behind the law and economics movement. A new biography of Richard Posner (OUP 2016) by William Domnarski, candidly sets forth the factors which underlie an individual who is arguably the most influential legal mind of the past half-century. With the full cooperation of his subject, Domnarski had access to Posner’s letters and to many individuals who may have been unwilling to speak without the approval of Posner himself.  Domnarski explores important themes within law and the judiciary while also keeping the reader invested in a very human story.

                                                                                                                   Siobhan Barco                                      

0:36                      Author Background

3:15                      How Domnarski came to write Richard Posner

6:33                      Research methods used to create Richard Posner

16:08                   Struggles and advantages of writing a biography of a living person            

19:17                   Posner’s early life

24:01                    Posner’s early career

31:51                    Posner proselytizing for law and economics at U Chicago

37:39                   The Reagan administration and the law and economics movement

41:07                    How Judge Posner approaches a case

50:28                   How Judge Posner’s opinions are received by circuit courts

57:52                    How Judge Posner’s opinions are received by SCOTUS

1:02:54               Posner's views on legal education and legal academics

1:08:27               Posner as a public intellectual

1:12:18               Posner as writer first and lawyer second

1:19:03               What Domnarski is working on now