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Help save EDTECH and allow it to make it to 30

While this isn't anniversary time -- EDTECH was founded on Feb 10, 1989.  Some of our readers weren't even born then -- many hadn't graduated high school and most probably weren't in an EDTECH profession.

When I (like many of you) first became aware of this great network we were easily getting 30 or more messages a week.  Sometimes that many in a day.

There were a team of editors working on the content to make sure it met the standards that EDTECH has adopted since it's inception.

Transforming Assessment Webinar next session 4 Aug Video feedback - targeted and personal

Transforming Assessment Webinar Update
All sessions at no cost.
1. Next session "Video feedback - targeted and personal" 4 Aug

This online session will explore how video can be used to provide personalised feedback for students that targets key areas for future improvement while doing so in a manner that is workload efficient. Audience interaction and discussion is encouraged.

Further information and register:


Popular Cultural Association/American Culture Association

Education, Teaching, History & Popular Culture

Call for Papers


The Area of Education, Teaching, History and Popular Culture is now accepting submissions for the Popular Culture and American Culture Association National Conference, San Diego, CA, to be held April 12-15, 2017 at the San Diego Marriott Hotel.  For detailed information please see http://pcaaca.org/national-conference/.