Welcome to EDTECH. EDTECH plays an influential role in determining the future directions of the uses of technology in education for many universities and school districts.

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Opportunity: Digital Humanities Research Institute (Summer 2018)

The Digital Humanities Research Institute (DHRI) is a ten-day residential workshop to be held from June 11 – 20, 2018 at The Graduate Center, CUNY. During the DHRI, which is supported by an National Endowment for the Humanities Institutes in Advanced Topics in the Digital Humanities grant, participants will explore interdisciplinary, digital humanities research and teaching with leading DH scholars, develop core computational research skills through hands-on workshops, and begin developing versions of the DHRI for their own communities.

EDTECH is 29 years old.

This Educational Technology list was created on February 10th, 1989.  That was just five years after I graduated high school.  I didn't discover it until many years later.  But, it was initially founded by a group of graduate students and faculty at Michigan State University, lead by Vickie Banks Gaynor, to further communication among studetns and professionals in the field of educational technology.