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GMU Online Graduate Certificate Program in Digital Public Humanities

The Department of History and Art History at George Mason University, in collaboration with the Smithsonian Institution and the Roy Rosenzweig Center for History and New Media, has created a fully online graduate certificate program in digital public humanities.  The program is designed to

Re: Happy Birthday EDTECH

I'm among those who was thrown for a loop with the technology upgrade. In a nutshell: after we hit "reply" we will be prompted to log in to our H-Net account (use the email address that gets the messages). The hard part for me is recalling the password.

I'd love to see this group revive. I'm on a couple of interest groups. It seems as if they do divide between the groups that function primarily as announcements, and those that foster discussions.

Re: Happy Birthday EDTECH

Actually, I've seen very few groups make the transition from email list to forum. List with archives, list with an alternate forum-like interface, yes - but ultimately, we (the Internet community) have been running a 50-year experiment, and email lists have emerged as a core tool for holding communities & projects together.

Perhaps it's time to resurrect EDTECH as an email list?

Re: Happy Birthday EDTECH

I wish I could disagree with you Miles. On my end it was so much simpler when I got alerted in my mailbox with a reply. And replying to that made it so much easier to dialogue.

Now, it works more like a CMS; but, you can't reply to the message you receive. I cant' say that's an excuse though as other groups made the switch and have thrived.

One would think an EDTECH group would survive a technology upgrade; but, it sadly hasn't.