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EDTECH is 29 years old.

This Educational Technology list was created on February 10th, 1989.  That was just five years after I graduated high school.  I didn't discover it until many years later.  But, it was initially founded by a group of graduate students and faculty at Michigan State University, lead by Vickie Banks Gaynor, to further communication among studetns and professionals in the field of educational technology.

Call for Book Chapters: The Educational Intelligent Economy: Big Data, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and the Internet of Things in Education"

This book examines, from a comparative perspective, the impact of the movement from the so-called knowledge-based economy towards the ‘Intelligent Economy,’ which is premised upon the application of knowledge. This implies that knowledge, the central component of the knowledge-based economy, is becoming less important in an era that is projected to be dominated and defined by the integration of complex technologies under the banner of the Fourth Industrial Revolution.