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Re: Happy Birthday EDTECH

So, maybe it's time to move the list elsewhere. There's got to be a copy of mailman or listserv running at the university. Or migrate it to a google group.

5638 members, and practically no activity - does that indicate lots of expired members, or what?

For that matter, what are alternative lists/forums for folks interested in EDTECH.

Perhaps a poll of the list is in order.

Re: Happy Birthday EDTECH

Oh, and I'll also add one other humongous irritant about this new (well, it's not new anymore so I'll say "different") I don't get alerted to new messages to moderate. So I don't come here every day, or even every week. I just come here occasionally and usually only find a CFP that expired.

Re: Happy Birthday EDTECH

Carol and Miles, I'll agree with you. It may be laziness on my part; but, I also loathe the fact that I can't just reply to the thread from my email browser. I know I've voiced that complaint a few times; but, I think it's just the nature of our LMS they use.

And, Carol your point is well grounded. I am the only moderator that remains from the email list days and I haven't put much energy into reviving this. I've tried the occasional blog posting to share resources; but, I take full responsibility for not seeding this as well as it could.

Re: Happy Birthday EDTECH

Hello everyone, I'm new to this group and would like to introduce myself.

I am the Instructional Designer at a community college, so educational technology is my day job. I'm responsible for the design quality and accessibility of about 200 online, hybrid, and HyFlex courses, as well as faculty development and project management. I also teach history courses online so I can try out different tools in live classes.

Carol, your email prompted me to post this because I'm curious about what platforms and software you have used in teaching anthropology - we can compare notes.

Educational Chatbot Experiences


Has anybody been involved with implementing a chatbot in their higher-education institution? What were some of your challenges? I've been trying to research what the process is on the IT side - configuring the bot, training it on your knowledgebase, installation, integrations with other systems like Banner, etc., but I'm mostly just getting marketing info and promises that it's easy, but would like to know your experiences.  Specifically with any of the popular education focused chatbot companies like AdmitHub, Ivy, YANA, etc.