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Re: Happy Birthday Edtech

Interesting. Canada and Australia numbers have risen. The USA has dropped.

I"ve also noticed that since moving to the Commons our members may come more from higher ed than K-12.

If you are seeing this -- please take a moment and reintroduce yourself to the list. Do you represent higher education? Or K-12?

Re: Happy Birthday Edtech

Happy Birthday, indeed, EDTECH!  We don't collect country of origin data on members because a.) of the proliferation of gmail and yahoo addresses that obscure a country node and b.) we don't require location information in member profiles on the Commons.  We do, however, run Google Analytics, which gives us some idea of where our visitors come from.  Although it's pretty soon after migration to the Commons for us to get any meaningful stats there, I'll see if I can dig some of those up.

Happy Birthday Edtech

        EDTECH celebrates its 26 years on February 10, 2015.  

Unfortunately since we migrated to H-NET I'm not able to run statistics on this listserve like I used to be able to.  I did have this snippet saved in my archives and I tried to edit it for updates; but, some of the references may or may not be relevant.


However, I can tell  you that back in 2011 EDTECH had 5,174 members representing 61 countries. (See