Welcome to EDTECH. EDTECH plays an influential role in determining the future directions of the uses of technology in education for many universities and school districts.

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Microsoft/USDA "Innovation Challenge"

I wanted to call your attention to a recently announced competition sponsored by Microsoft and the US Department of Agriculture that I thought would be of interest to your subscribers. This “Innovation Challenge” will tap the Internet cloud to help farmers and our food systems to adapt to climate change. We are asking software developers to create applications that will use more than 100 years of USDA data to explore how our food system can achieve better food resiliency.


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Welcome Maria,

Thanks for contributing. I know many of you are new to this format. Replying to the posts in your e-mail system will not automatically send a message to the thread. You do need to come and login here to contribute.

Please let us know what everyone else is up to!



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I am Maria de ls Angeles Picone, PhD history student at Emory. I have taught grades 2-11 for ten years in Argentina. Technology is part of our lives, and our students' lives, thus I think technology should be part of our classroom practices.

Though I am not teaching right now, I think that an EdTech component is vital in my path towards a PhD. I have thus taken a course on Digital Humanities and have participated in as many workshops the Emory Center for Digital Scholarship offers.

I am looking forward for learning from you as well!