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Re: Happy Birthday EDTECH

I wish I could disagree with you Miles. On my end it was so much simpler when I got alerted in my mailbox with a reply. And replying to that made it so much easier to dialogue.

Now, it works more like a CMS; but, you can't reply to the message you receive. I cant' say that's an excuse though as other groups made the switch and have thrived.

One would think an EDTECH group would survive a technology upgrade; but, it sadly hasn't.

Re: Happy Birthday EDTECH

I have to say that EDTECH may be 30 years old - but it's become close to dead since going to the moderated forum model, from an email list.

There are practically no posts, and the few that I've seen have been things like calls for papers and conference announcements.

The last substantive post - a request for information - dates to last October, and received zero replies.

I kind of wonder if anybody is actually reading the list in its current incarnation. Which is a real shame - there aren't any really good edtech forums left.

Happy Birthday EDTECH

My apologies.  I'm actually a bit late on this.  The actual birthday was on the 10th.

And truth be told this is an old post with inaccurate data.  Since EDTECH moved to H-NET I'm not able to track the data as intuitively as I was when we were just a listserv.  That all said here was a post crafted by an editor prior to my arrival that I try to send out annually.  Clearly I was tardy this year.