Welcome to EDTECH. EDTECH plays an influential role in determining the future directions of the uses of technology in education for many universities and school districts.

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Re: Welcome to EDTECH

Welcome Maria,

Thanks for contributing. I know many of you are new to this format. Replying to the posts in your e-mail system will not automatically send a message to the thread. You do need to come and login here to contribute.

Please let us know what everyone else is up to!



Re: Welcome to EDTECH


I am Maria de ls Angeles Picone, PhD history student at Emory. I have taught grades 2-11 for ten years in Argentina. Technology is part of our lives, and our students' lives, thus I think technology should be part of our classroom practices.

Though I am not teaching right now, I think that an EdTech component is vital in my path towards a PhD. I have thus taken a course on Digital Humanities and have participated in as many workshops the Emory Center for Digital Scholarship offers.

I am looking forward for learning from you as well!

Welcome to EDTECH

I've seen quite a few people join lately and I'd like to hear from you.

This list has a huge history and has been instrumental in many a K-20 teacher.  We have subscribers from all over the world and in all facets of education.

Please introduce yourself again to everyone so we can learn more about you.