Dr. Louise Southgate

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Kentucky Woman Suffrage

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Linden Grove Cemetery

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Burial place of Dr. Louise Southgate



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1421 Holman Ave

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Linden Grove Cemetery
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Kentucky Woman Suffrage Project

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Dr. Louise Southgate (1857-1941) was a physician and also an active member of the Kentucky Equal Rights Association, where she served as the Superintendent of the organization's Department of Hygiene and Physical Culture. Dr. Southgate was an early proponent for women's reproductive health and women's right to birth control. In 1910 Southgate spoke at the Kentucky Equal Rights Association’s state convention on “The Sisterhood of Women.” She lived and practiced from her home at 124 Garrard Street in Covington. She was a member of the Cincinnati Women's Club as well as serving as a KERA publications superintendent and as state historian.

Reference source of Information:
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