Directions for Parade Marchers in Lexington, 6 May 1916

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Partial transcription from second half of article "Many Marchers are expected in Suffrage Parade," The Lexington Herald (6 May 1916), pages 1 and 3.

... The following marching orders have been given:

The formation will be in columns of two, couples about four feet apart and ten feet distance between couples. These distances should be preserved as nearly as possible and lines kept straight. In turning corners do not cut cross but march staight right angles. Those near enough to to the bands should keep step and time and others keep step. Nothing should be carried in hands except banners and flags. No one should leave the line unless absolutely necessary. Keep eyes to the front and heads up. Halt promptly should those in front stop and take proper distance before starting. Do not crowd up to (sic) close in front. Do not break ranks on Cheapside until bugle is sounded, then assemble around speaker's stand.

Captains and leaders should instruct their divisions as above before starting.

Costumes to be Uniform.

All women paraders are asked to wear white if possible, as the effect will be much better. But no woman must fail to march. If she hasn't a last summer's skirt and shirtwaist; she may come in any color. Yellow 'votes for women' badges will be funished, both men and women, as the parade forms at Gratz Park. They may be worn diagonally across the breast or by the men as hat bands."

Note the names of individuals from Hamilton College as well as the local KERA affiliate leaders from Richmond and Frankfort who pledged to march that day. See more about Lexington's 1916 parade in the following entries: