CS: Readings on Yugoslavia

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The goal of this course is to provide an overview of the history Yugoslavia through a variety of readings, including monographs, fiction, primary source documents, and travel accounts by westerners. In the last decade dozens of books have been written on the history of this turbulent region in south eastern Europe, and it would be impossible to comprehensively cover the literature now available. Nevertheless, the primary focus of the course will be on readings, and this is reflected by the rather heavy reading load for each week. I understand that a careful reading of all of the material will be difficult, so I have listed the readings in the order of greatest priority first; in other words, you should focus most of your attention on the articles in the course packet (CP), while skimming over sections of the Lampe book (Yugoslavia as History), which should serve as a reference source.

One of the skills which should be developed in this class is skimming a book to discover the author's main argument without getting bogged down in the details. Another skill which will be emphasized in the course is the analysis of documents, specifically the motives of the author and the main arguments. The war in the former Yugoslavia revealed how history could be manipulated in order to mobilize a society for war, and the readings in this course highlight some of the controversies in Yugoslav history. Another goal of the course is to encourage discussion among the students, and I have included optional and alternate readings in the syllabus in order that as much material as possible can be covered in class and shared with the other students. If you wish do any of the alternate readings, or have interests about a specific region (Macedonia, Montenegro, Slovenia, etc.), let me know for which week you will be doing readings other than the required ones.