Possible Podcasts for Review

Greetings all, I am trying to compile a list of possible podcast series we could review on H-Podcast. We have a draft of review guidelines we'll share soon. But in the meantime share with me podcasts you think should get reviewed. The reviews will be part of the H-Reviews program at H-Net. 

Let us know any podcasts that would merit a review or let us know what you think might be a critera we should consider when selecting podcasts to review. 

Podcast Episode: 'New Books in African Studies' Interview with Mauro Nobili

Listen to Prof. Mauro Nobili discuss his lastest book, Sultan, Caliph, and the Renewer of the Faith. Aḥmad Lobbo, the Tārīkh al-fattāsh and the Making of an Islamic State in West Africa (CUP 2020): episode available on the New Books Network website and accross all podcast platforms.

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