ZS: Sprache und Literatur 51,1 (2022): Neue Nachbarschaften. Stil und Social Media in der Gegenwartsliteratur

Open access!

Gastherausgeberinnen: Pola Groß und Hanna Hamel

Pola Groß, Hanna Hamel: Neue Nachbarschaften: Stil und Social Media in der Gegenwartsliteratur – Einleitung

Re: Global Anti-Asian Racism volume Call for Proposals

I think that Magnus's point (or to be more clear, my point) is that it seems odd that an Association for Asian Studies-sponsored book would specifically and deliberately not talk about what is going on in Asia, and then call the book "Global." I think that it would be great if Magnus's article about anti-Asian racism within Asia were included. It would be intellectually interesting because it gets us to think comparatively, and get beyond East/West stereotypes that figure racism as a "white" problem that sometimes spreads to Asia.

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