REMINDER: When posting to H-Antisemitism your user profile is your formal signature block

Please check your profiles to see that you have at least the information from your formal signature block.

Of the submissions this week, I have rejected several of them because there was nothing in the user's profile.


Welcome Survey

The H-Postal-History team is conducting a survery about its users. Please join the community members who have already completed the survey and spend a few minutes letting us know about your particular interests by taking the survey here!

Reviews: announcement

Dear all,

The H-histsex book review editor team is pleased to announce that we have are going to start inviting authors of the books reviewed to respond to the reviewers’ comments.

We will start this with Robin Bauer, Queer BDSM Intimacies: Critical Consent and Pushing Boundaries (2014); Ivan Crozier’s review of this will be published very soon.

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