BLOG: Unlocking dLOC: A Guide to the Digital Library of the Caribbean: Part Two by Kiran Baldeo

Research Corner

Hey, you, researchers, busy packing bags, ready to head out on an archival trip! Or those of you about to sit down at your computers and navigate a digital repository. Yes, all of you! I want to hear how your research went and so do our readers.  I’m currently looking for posts that I can edit over the summer and publish in the fall.

Re: Query: Help identify Ruysch map facsimile

Thank you EVERYONE for your assistance with this question. I checked with the Wisconsin Historical Society, which has a copy on the oclc record 12876011. WHS updated one of the notes in their local OPAC to indicate that the autograph is not manuscript but part of the facsimile. Susan Krueger, from WHS, sent me photos of her copy and it is a match to ours although our sizes are a little off. She said WHS acquired their copy in 1930 from LOC.

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