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This week, the Twittersphere witnessed the anniversary of John Brown’s execution which occurred on December 2nd, one hundred fifty nine years ago. A published transcription of the last letter he wrote to his wife and children urging them to “abhor, with undying hatred also, that sum of all villainies-Slavery,” made the rounds.

Research Query: Perceptions of Chinese people in Modern Israeli Literature

Research Query: One of my students wants to work on "Perceptions of Chinese people in Modern Israeli Literature"; the student is fluent in Modern Hebrew (and Cantonese). The only mention of China/Chines seems to be in a translation of Yiddish literature into Hebrew. Is there anything  concerning this topic in Israeli literature?

Re: The Future of the History Major

Hi Eric,
If you're looking for specific evidence/ammunition for successful career outcomes for history majors:

Here's a list of CEO's with liberal arts degrees (Carly Fiorina of HP studied Medieval history as u/g)

and the careers list from the AHA:

Re: The Future of the History Major

As our university makes the transition from a liberal arts institution to a vocational school (not what the Uni President says is happening – but that is what it is), one thing that has helped keep major numbers somewhat stable is having a “large plan” major and a “small plan” major. The small plan major requires students have another major or a minor while the large plan makes no such requirement. The small plan is still bigger than a minor.

One Hundred Years of Communism in the USA. Legacy Roundtable. Glenn Gebhard, Maurice Isserman, Harvey Klehr

One Hundred Years of Communism in the USA. The CPUSA at Home and Abroad since 1919. Williams College,  10 November 2018.  Legacy Roundtable. Panelists: Glenn Gebhard, Maurice Isserman, Harvey Klehr

Blog Post: Brexit, immigration and the Irish border

H-Migration members may have noticed that immigration featured prominently as an issue during the UK's referendum on its future relationship with the EU. You also may have noticed that the issue dropped off the radar and was replaced in prime position by the issue of trade and the Irish border. 

You would be forgiven for thinking that immigration and the Irish border are two separate issues. They're not.

Re: The Future of the History Major

I fear that by focusing on students getting a job, we're forgetting that there is more to life than work. A student who majors or minors in history for sheer love of the discipline has gained the tools needed to pursue a life-long interest in history, regardless of discipline. This comes under the heading of life enrichment, and it brings joy to people. My father was a small businessman, but he had a life-long love of history. In the evenings, he'd read history, and when we traveled, we often went to historic sites or museums.


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