Italian Americans and Television--complete special issue of the Italian American Review now available online

The special issue on "Italian Americans and Television" of the Italian American Review (2016) is now fully available online for free.

Table of Contents

Revolutionary Immigrant to PG County

Age: 17. Height: 4 feet, 11 inches. Nose: small. Forehead: large. The above description belongs to a certain Alexander Louis Joncherez, a young man who came of age the same year as the Première République of France. This particular document was issued the “the fourth year of liberty, and the first year of equality,” otherwise known as 1792.

Becoming a member of the Islam In Africa Studies Group (IASG) + Syllabus Project

Dear listserv members,

IASG is a coordinate organization of the African Studies Association, and this listserv is run by IASG board members who are volunteers. Some of you have asked about becoming a member, and paying dues online. To become a dues-paying member of IASG, please fill out the IASG membership form. Not all listserv members are expected to join IASG, but your support enables us to make this listserv better and support research done in this area.

Re: Research Query: Perceptions of Chinese people in Modern Israeli Literature

Savyon Liebrecht has a collection of short stories: "What Am I Speaking, Chinese?" He Said To Her.

Would the student consider expanding her inquiry to film?

Noodle is about an Israeli woman who helps her undocumented, deported Chinese housekeeper reunite with the son she leaves in Israel.

There seem to be a few short "documentaries," made as hasbara or news features, and I *think* the documentary, No.17, goes into communities of Chinese immigrants in Israel.

Would you share a bibliography if one is created?

Fifth Fleet and Third Fleet

All,  someone asked me offline about the rotating staff/commands under Admirals Spruance and Halsey pursuant to thinking about defense reform today.   As most of this audience knows, there was only one fleet of ships that Spruance and Halsey "shared."  Here is what I wrote in response.

Re: Persistent errors on Wikipedia

Dear All, 

Allow me to comment briefly in my capacity as H-Net's current Vice President of Networks. Some academic groups do sponsor "Fix Wikipedia" events that aim at correcting such errors and otherwise improving what is, for better or worse, the most widely used reference source on the planet. In addition to the problems of misinformation referenced above, another is that a corrected Wikipedia entry can always be re-edited to reintroduce the original misinformation.


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