Working Historians: Charles Reed - Assoc. Prof., Elizabeth City State University, and President, H-Net

Hello everybody,

Our most recent episode is a conversation with Charles Reed, president of H-Net for 2018. Here we we talk about Chas’s background and his reign as president, but we also wander through other topics, such as declining enrollments in history programs, historically black colleges and universities, history-based role-playing and video games, and why everybody should care about H-Net.

New case of censorship of academic content in China (accepted by major publisher)

The Asian Studies Association of Australia has released a statement notifying its members that the academic journal it publishers, Asian Studies Review, has been excluded from the Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences subscription package that Taylor & Francis supplies in China.

Film Review--Peter Jackson's "They Shall Not Grow Old"

All:   My wife, oldest son (army vet) and I went and viewed Peter Jackson's documentary film in a special showing in Kansas City last night at a local theater (it was a special showing and tickets had to be ordered onhline in advance).

I will not say too much about how the film came to be made and Jackson's choices,  he does a more than wonderful job of explaining things both at the beginning of the film as well as in a must see "documentary of the documentary" after the credits for the main event are finished rolling.

New Roundtable on Degroot, The Frigid Golden Age

Dear Colleagues,

I'm pleased to announce a new entry in H-Environment Roundtable Reviews. This roundtable focuses on Dagomar Degroot's The Frigid Golden Age and new directions in climate history. Please share widely!


Author: Dagomar Degroot

Title: The Frigid Golden Age: Climate Change, the Little Ice Age, and the Dutch Republic, 1560-1720


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