"Hong Kong publisher kidnapped in Thailand and taken to China"

According to the BBC and other reports listed below, Gui Minghai, the Hong Kong-based publicist, writer, scholar, and owner of a political bookstore, and three associates in Hong Kong have been "disappeared" (arrested-unconfirmed), apparently for publishing things inconvenient to somebody in China. Apparently, several weeks ago, Gui was kidnapped/taken from his vacation home in Thailand, by Chinese police.

Query: Miriam's drum, singing, dancing

I am looking for midrashic material on Miriam’s drum (tof) as well as the mention of her and the Israelite women’s singing and dancing at the Red Sea (Exodus 15:20 – 21).  I have already gone through most of the basics and am surprised to find very little comment on these verses, other than the statement that the Israelite women equipped themselves with musical instruments in preparation for the Exodus (as in PRE 41).  I would appreciate greatly any midrashic sources and/or studies that refer to this subject.

H-Sport Teaching Initiative

The H-Sport Teaching Initiative provides additional teaching materials for instructors and researchers in the sport-teaching field. The goal is to offer a place where instructors and researchers can share information regarding syllabi, course assignments, and reading lists, as well other educational materials related to the sport-teaching field. Presently, we are looking for syllabi and assignments that focus on media, literature, philosophy, law, policy, management, sociology, and history of sport.


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