Re: Sources for Wash. D.C. Gossip?

Try reading the Washington Star newspaper archives at the LOC. They tend to have all sorts of DC chat on their editorial page and the local affairs section. If memory serves, Luke Lea was wrapped up in the Floyd acceptances scandal, so you might try reading the records of that too.

Michael J. Connolly

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Re: Sources for Wash. D.C. Gossip?

Having had little success with this posting last year, I'm trying again. Anyone else trying to reconstruct Washington D.C. circles? I don't care if your input deals with the Indian Office intrigues; I'd love anything at all that helps pinpoint the power brokers, especially of the Buchanan Administration.

I have two new tidbits to offer others who are working on reconstructing social relationships at Washington...

I. This a part of "Documenting the American South," a project of the University Library of the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill:

Suffrage Bio-Sketches Still Needed

So far, twenty-seven Kentucky women have been added to the Women and Social Movements national suffrage database.  Thank you to everyone who has contributed!  But we have more sketches that need to be written.  We want our state to be fully represented.  Below is a list of names that have not yet been assigned:

Mrs. Joseph Alderson (Middlesboro)

Alice Barbee (Mrs. John B.) Castleman (Louisville)

Mary E. Giltner (Covington)

Julia Duke Henning (Louisville)

Mary K. Jones (Newport)

Louise Parlin (Mrs. W. F.) Lillard (Louisville)


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