Sounding the depths of H-Net's resources

H-Net is growing slowly but surely with the addition of new communities, such as H-Biography. Many of us at H-Nutrition are also members of H-Food, and some of us also at H-SciMedTech. I wonder if there are other networks that you've found that regularly include content about food, nutrition, cooking, agriculture, etc.? Any helpful posts on particular topics? Reviews of books? If so, please share them in the comments.

Seeking Podcast Hosts for "New Books in Medieval History" and "New Books in Early Modern History"

The New Books Network (NBN) is seeking hosts for the podcasts "New Books in Medieval History" and "New Books in Early Modern History."

NBN hosts pick the books they cover and record the raw interviews. The NBN does all post-production (audio editing), publication, and promotion.

CFP for Online Energy History Working Group, 2021-2022


Apologies in advance for cross-posting.

The Consortium for the History of Science, Technology, and Medicine Working Groups brings together scholars from around the world to share their works-in-progress on specialized topics in the history of science, technology and medicine.

Webinar - ‘Publishing Smart’: How to Position Your Publications to Further Your Career - July 28

Decisions you make about where and how to publish your work drive the impact that your research has in academia and beyond. By planning properly, the publishing decisions you make now can support and bolster your career trajectory in the years to come. 

I invite you to join us for a conversation with Anna-Lise Santella and Abby Gross, heads of acquisition at Oxford University Press, to explore how you can ‘publish smart’ to maximize the exposure, recognition, and influence you need to advance your career. 

July 28 at 2:30PM UK time/ 9:30AM EDT on Zoom.

Zoom conversation: "On the Contested Times of Hagia Sophia"

Dear Colleagues,

Please feel welcome to join me for a discussion with Shannon Dawdy as part of the University of Chicago's 3CT "Things in Theory" conversation series this coming Monday, 5 April, at 12:00 PM Chicago /19:00 CET. 

With apologies for cross posting, and warm wishes,


Jeremy Walton

The Chicago Center for Contemporary Theory presents:



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