Current Journal Articles and New Books (#227 //July 2020)

Introduction: About once a month (supply allowing), we post a listing of recently published historical articles about disability (somewhat broadly defined). These articles are usually found on the "current periodicals" shelves at a university library, from the most recent two calendar years (right now, 2019-2020). Most of them are culled from the online Table of Contents sites maintained by journal publishers. We also include book chapters in new collections, cites for new books, and cites for review articles, new books, and new dissertations.

The usual caveats:

 Woman suffrage headquarters in Upper Euclid Avenue, Cleveland in 1912

League Of Women Voters, U.S. Records. Woman suffrage headquarters in Upper Euclid Avenue, Cleveland--A. at extreme right is Miss Belle Sherwin, President, National League of Women Voters; B. is Judge Florence E. Allen holding the flag; C. is Mrs. Malcolm McBride. Cleveland Ohio, 1912. Photograph.

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