Deadline Reminder: Did You Publish an Article Recently?

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This is a reminder that I am compiling a list of articles recently published in French Colonial History.  If you published a journal article since January 1, 2018 or will have one out by July 31, 2019, please email the following information to by June 15, 2019:

H-US-Japan: Book Announcement: Producing Hiroshima and Nagasaki: Literature, Film, and Transnational Politics (University of Hawaii Press)


2 June 2019


With apologies for a slightly delayed announcement, I would like to bring your attention to my new book:


Reminder: H-Slavery's Topical Guides

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I wanted to send a quick reminder of the opportunity to write a topical guide for H-Slavery. An outline of the process and a catalog of previous guides is available here: These guides tend to garner a wide readership, with our most popular one having received 5,000 views with an average visit time of 5 minutes, which is a pretty remarkable readership for a bibliographic overview.  

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New Books on the Early Republic is Back on the Air

Our network's feed from the H-Net Book Channel has been repaired and is now up to date.  You can click on the "New Books on EAR" link in the right-side menu of our network front page, or bookmark the listing itself, which automatically updates when you refresh the page.  It now displays entries on new books up to the present, pulled from the catalogs of academic and trade presses.




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