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As the research institute and government library, the Jangseogak Archives holds pre-modern historical manuscripts, government documents, literati writings from Chosŏn (1392-1910) Korea (for further information: https://youtu.be/1u-jpWtRZjI). The digital images of the Jangseogak collections, along with the digitized texts, have now become accessible online for scholars all over the world. We hope that these sources will enhance the circulation of knowledge and support researchers of Korean Studies. 

March of Dimes archives (X-post from H-Disability)

I am cross-posting from H-Disability this query by Lisa Pruitt and reply from Leanna Duncan, from about a month ago, since the March of Dimes archives in White Plains has been of use to historians of science who are interested in the history of polio and the polio vaccine in the United States.


Fellowships: Linda Hall Library

Linda Hall Library Fellowships

The Linda Hall Library invites doctoral students and scholars of exceptional promise to apply for its 2019/20 fellowships in the history of science and related areas of science and technology studies. The Library offers researchers a setting that allows for deep immersion in its outstanding collections and a rich intellectual community of in-house experts, fellows, and scholars from nearby Kansas City institutions.


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