Canadian History of Education Association (CHEA) biennial meeting rescheduled to 2022

The Canadian History of Education Association (CHEA) is extremely pleased to announce that we will hold our biennial conference in person, October 13th-15th, 2022, at the Inn at Laurel Point in Victoria, British Columbia!


KONF: KOOP-LITERA: Die Zukunft der Archive – Die Archive der Zukunft, Wien (27.-28.1.2021)

Das Literaturarchiv der Österreichischen Nationalbibliothek lädt herzlich zur Teilnahme ein:

KOOP-LITERA: Die Zukunft der Archive – Die Archive der Zukunft
4. Internationale Arbeitstagung der Literaturarchive und Nachlassinstitutionen




Mittwoch, 27. JÄNNER 2021, 14:00-18:00

14:00-14:15 Begrüßung
Bernhard Fetz, Arnhilt Inguglia-Höfle (Literaturarchiv, ÖNB)

Re: Clement Vallandigham, Donald Trump, and the Politics of Treason

After reading and thinking about Matthew Gallman’s message, I remain at a loss to determine whether the words of historians in times of crisis are more misleading (or irrelevant) than informative.  After all, the past doesn’t repeat itself, only historians do — constantly.  Steeped as we are in the past (or our own versions of it — one of my colleagues once chortled at a faculty meeting that “the problem with historians is that we’re too concerned about the past”), we are so tempted in stormy times to pose as the public’s guide (therapist? Aeneas?

Online Event: Numerals and Their Alternatives in the Middle East and Europe: A Reckoning

There is a common but mistaken belief that the history of numerical notations is a unilinear progression from simple to advanced and cumbersome to efficient. In the Western scholarly tradition, the Roman numerals are denigrated as a clumsy notation, abandoned because of their inefficiency in favour of the Indo-Arabic (Western) numerals.

The Toyin Falola Interviews: A Conversation with President Kufuor

Hello everyone,

We would like to welcome President Kufuor from Ghana LIVE on the show - The Toyin Falola Interviews! He is often called the "Gentle Giant" of Ghana, and he led the country for 8 years leaving a strong legacy in the Star of Africa.

We welcome him as he shares his thoughts, opinions, and experiences with a new generation. We hope that you can join us!

Friday 29th January, 2021
1:00 PM Ghana
1:00 PM GMT
7:00 AM Austin


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