Reid, 'The Sea is My Country,' Roundtable Review, Vol. 7, No. 2 (2017)


Roundtable Review, Vol. 7, No. 2 (2017)

Author: Joshua L. Reid

Title: The Sea is My Country: the Maritime World of the Makahs

Commentators: William Bauer, Jr., Bathsheba Demuth, Edward D. Melillo, Helen M. Rozwadowski

Editor: Christopher F. Jones


CFP: Edges of the Great Salt Lake

The winter 2019 issue of Utah Historical Quarterly will focus on a special theme: the edges of the Great Salt Lake, where the water meets the land. We welcome short or long research articles, biographies, primary documents, photographic essays, and archaeological field notes and case studies related to that dynamic border. We are especially interested in wetlands, waterfowl hunting, bird refuges, boats, and development along the lake's edges. We also welcome essays that examine the lake in a larger environmental and cultural context.

Omani Folktales - Invitation to Collaborate

I am an Associate Professor in literature who has been doing cultural studies/ anthropology research in Southern Oman for over a decade. I teach at a small university in Salalah and am interested in working with a graduate student, academic or independent researcher on a collection of folktales and fairy tales collected in the 1970s and recently published in English. The folktales were tape-recorded and originally spoken in an unwritten language.

Book on Japanese war planning

While recognizing that the unannointed are not supposed to discuss books, I trust I may be permitted to express the hope that H-War will publish a review of 

Miwa, Yoshirō. Japan's economic planning and mobilization in wartime, 1930s-1940s: The competence of the state. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2015.

I certainly have found it a source of novel perspective on Japan's military history of the period and believe that many other anglophone readers would too.

William D. O'Neil



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