H-Net book reviews back on H-Scholar (comment)


The next post will consist of the most recent H-Net book reviews listing.  I apologize for the lapse in posting these book review announcements over the past few weeks.  Apparently, when the Commons platform was taken down for revisions to the categories and keywords sections, it dislodged the connections to the reviews feed.

Advice on seeking a non-faculty job (comment)


Below is an excerpt from an article entitled "Feeling Your Way toward a Non-Faculty Job: Reflections from a PhD Career Advisor," by Courtney Wiersema for Perspectives on History, the newsletter of the American HIstorical Association, Sep 13, 2018.  There is also a link to the original article which is well worth reading, even if you are not actively seeking a non-faculty job.


Paywall and Open Access

An associate Professor at Clarkson University, Jason Schmitt, has posted a blog post entitled "Paywall: Why For-Profit Academic Publishers Are Laughing All the Way to the Bank."

The blog discusses a documentary he has made with the same title.  Below is a quotation from the blog post and a link to the post.


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