CFP: Law, the Body and Embodiment: Contemporary and Historical Perspectives for the Australian Feminist Law Journal- New Deadline

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Call for Papers
March 4, 2019

WORKSHOP> Ratnākara Readings 2019, Mahidol University

Thanks to the kind support of Khyentse Foundation, this year the Ratnākara Readings will take place at Mahidol University, Department of Humanities, between February the 25th and March the 22nd 2019. This nearly month-long series of workshops focuses on readings of Sanskrit primary sources led by scholars internationally recognized as authorities on the texts presented.


QUERY> Buddhism and contemporary art

Dear colleagues,

a very bright undergraduate student who is a studio art major wants to to a research project on the ways in which contemporary Western (visual) artists have been inspired by Buddhism (Buddhist art, philosophy, meditation...). This is so not my field, but I find the question interesting. If any references come to mind that could help her, I'd appreciate if you could send them my way. Respond off-list if you think that this is too basic a question for H-Buddhism:

Thanks in advance! Best,

Re: Three authors publish hoax articles and (some) peer reviewers approve them

Peter Boghossian, the only one of the three authors of the "grievance studies" hoax who holds an academic position has now said that he will be the subject of a disciplinary hearing by Portland State University. The charges are that he knowingly published falsified data and that he failed to obtain institutional permission before conducting his research.


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