Seeking panelists for a Roundtable at ASEH 2019 - Teaching Water History

Dear all,

We are developing a roundtable for the upcoming ASEH 2019 conference (Columbus, OH, April 10-14, 2019) that examines the teaching of Water History.  Due to its centrality to life and its dynamic properties, water presents both challenges and opportunities as a subject in the classroom.  We seek fellow panelists to contribute to a discussion of teaching method and pedagogy related to the study of water, with a focus on undergraduate teaching.  Specialists in any part of the world, or any time period, are encouraged to apply.

ASEH 2019 - Seeking Panelist on Activism and Equity in US Parks

We are seeing one more paper for a panel on access, activism, and equity in American parks for ASEH 2019. We currently have two papers. The first on working class environmental activism in the Battery in New York City in the late-19th century. The second examines outdoor recreation as a path towards environmental awareness through the proposed development of a ski resort in the Mineral King valley in California in the 1960s.

Invitation to publish in French Colonial History / Invitation à publier dans French Colonial History

French Colonial History, the official journal of the French Colonial Historical Society, publishes peer-reviewed research articles, review essays, forums and reflections addressing all aspects of the history of French colonization and of the French colonies.  The editors of FCH invite conference participants to submit their work for possible publication. Submissions are welcomed in English or French concerning any geographical area or chronological period of French overseas expansion, including the metropole and the postcolonial.  

TAGB [X-Post from H-Soz-Kult]: Funktionen der Einbildungskraft um 1800, Jena (01. – 02.03.2018)

Im 18. Jahrhundert rückt Einbildungskraft als eigenständige Erkenntnisquelle in den Fokus fachübergreifender Diskurse und erhält ihren festen Platz im Selbstverständnis der Moderne. Sie erfährt um 1800 eine radikale Auf- und Umwertung. Dies gilt besonders im Hinblick auf ihre produktive Funktion für die Gestaltung von Welt, Gesellschaft, Individuum und Kunst.

CFP: TRANSIT Journal (12.1): Landscapes of Migration (01.08.2018)

We are excited to present TRANSIT’s newest Call for Papers (titled: “Landscapes of Migration”). We welcome all submissions, both traditional papers and multi-media projects that make use of our online platform’s digital capabilities. In addition, we kindly request new translations for our publication: the only German Studies academic journal to regularly feature both scholarly and literary translations from the German-speaking world.

We will be accepting submissions for the following CFP
(Volume 12.1) until August 1, 2018:

Atomic Age Catholics

In the fall of 1957, an AGN-201 nuclear training reactor was installed on the Catholic University campus. Originally located in the Nuclear Training Laboratory of the campus Power Plant, this reactor was a compact unit standing nine feet tall and weighing 12 tons. Capable of producing 100 milliwatts of energy – only enough to light a single Christmas tree bulb! – the unit was not intended for powering campus offices but providing a controlled model to train budding nuclear engineers, power plant operators, and faculty researchers.


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