New Publication: Historical Atlas of Northeast Asia, 1590-2010

Four hundred years ago, indigenous peoples occupied the vast region that today encompasses Korea, Manchuria, the Mongolian Plateau, and Eastern Siberia. Over time, these populations struggled to maintain autonomy as Russia, China, and Japan sought hegemony over the region. Especially from the turn of the twentieth century onward, indigenous peoples pursued self-determination in a number of ways, and new states, many of them now largely forgotten, rose and fell as great power imperialism, indigenous nationalism, and modern ideologies competed for dominance.

CFP: Revisiting The History of Sexuality: Foucault's Legacy after 40 Years

“Revisiting The History of Sexuality: Foucault’s Legacy after 40 Years”

Special Issue of Cultural History 5, no. 2 (October 2016). 

Cultural History is a peer-reviewed journal published by Edinburgh University Press.

Guest Editor: Howard Chiang


Gerda Engelbracht and Andrea Hauser
Elsbeth Bösl

Bösl on Gerda Engelbracht and Andrea Hauser, 'Mitten in Hamburg: Die Alsterdorfer Anstalten 1945-1979'

Gerda Engelbracht and Andrea Hauser. Mitten in Hamburg: Die Alsterdorfer Anstalten 1945-1979. Stuttgart: Kohlhammer, 2013. 328 pp. EUR 19.90 (cloth), ISBN 978-3-17-023395-9.

Reviewed by Elsbeth Bösl (Zentralinstitut für Geschichte der Technik TU München) Published on H-Disability (August, 2014) Commissioned by Iain C. Hutchison

A New Trend in German Institution Historiography

CfP: The Medieval Slavic Mind

The Medieval Slavic Mind: Essays in Honor of František Svejkovský [UPDATE]

The University of Chicago Department of Slavic Languages & Literatures honors the life and career of Professor František Svejkovský (1923-2011), professor of Slavic Languages & Literatures and Comparative Literature

CFP: Journal of Chinese Buddhist Studies

Dear colleagues,

Dan Stevenson and I are delighted to inform you that the Chung-Hwa Buddhist Journal is now called the Journal of Chinese Buddhist Studies (JCBS). Our new website is here: , where you will find the current and previous issues of the journal available for free download. Our current issue features five article by Bryan Lowe, Erik Hammerstrom, Douglas Gildow, Venerable Guo Jing, and Thomas Newhall.


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