Introducing J. J. Ahern, H-Pennsylvania Editor and growing the content of the Network

Hello H-Pennsylvania Community,

As one of the new members of the editorial board, I wanted to take a moment to introduce myself, and mention some of the interesting ideas I hope to cover as we take advantage of the new features the Commons give us.

Introducing Allen Dieterich-Ward, Book Reviews and the H-Pennsylvania Advisory Board

Hello All,
My name is Allen Dieterich-Ward and I am an Associate Professor of History at Shippensburg University.  My research speciality is the latter half of the twentieth century and I focus on urban/metropolitan, economic and environmental history.   I am presently completing a book on metropolitan Pittsburgh that should be out next year with the University of Pennsylvania Press.  Here at Ship, I also teach graduate courses in our public history program, including the History of Tourism.

H-Pennsylvania Advisory Board

The H-Pennsylvania Advisory Board represents the broad range of professional occupations and scholarly interests among our subscribers.  In addition to advising the editors on enhancing and expanding the network, board members commit to a certain level of participation in H-Penn activities, which can include a mix of book reviews, regular blog posts, and/or content contribution of another kind.  Advisory Board members normally serve for a period of two years after being nominated by the editors of the network and confirmed by the H-Net Council.  Additional information about H-Net Advisory B

Re: Query: Looking for charts, maps, graphs showing historical TB data

Hi Christian

This may not be what you are after in particular, but you may want to take a look at Sam Roberts' book, Infectious Fear. It is about TB, race, and poverty in Baltimore in the 19th and early 20thC. There is an extensive discussion on the contentious representation of TB through mapping and the use of maps as rhetorical tools.

Inaugural Rutgers/CGHR Conference on Genocide: April 3-4, 2014 (Newark, NJ)

Posted to H-Holocaust, cc H-Antisemitism

"Genocide: Pathways and Passages"

 April 3-4, 2014

The Center for the Study of Genocide and Human Rights 
Rutgers University, Newark

Engelhard Auditorium, 1st Floor, Engelhard Hall (April 3) and
Dana Room, 4th Floor, Dana Library (April 4)


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