Call for Papers: Race and Yoga Journal 7.1 (2022-2023) - OPEN ISSUE

The Race and Yoga editorial board is currently seeking articles, personal narratives, interviews, book reviews, and creative works for the seventh issue of the journal, a combined issue for 2022 and 2023. Race and Yoga is a peer-reviewed, interdisciplinary, and international academic journal committed to critical examinations of the history, politics, and practice of yoga.

Possible topics may include yoga in relationship to

● Practices during the COVID-19 context, including but not limited to

Member Book, Sethi (ed), Banned & Censored: What the British Raj Didn't Want Us to Read

Dear Colleagues,

I am happy to announce the publication of my second book, an anthology titled Banned & Censored: What the British Raj Didn't Want Us to Read.

About the Book

Banned & Censored dives into the history of sedition and censorship in colonial India. Seventy-five years after India’s independence from British rule, it carries excerpts from and closely examines seventy-five texts that the colonial state banned, censored or deemed seditious.

KONF: Colloque international Grenzen überschreiten. Zeiten, Räume, Akteure, 1400–1630 / S’affranchir des frontières. Temps, espaces, acteurs, 1400-1630 / Transgressing boundaries. Times, spaces, and people, 1400-1630, Fribourg (12.06.–14.06.2023)

Organisation :
David Amherdt (langue et littérature latines de la Renaissance), Nadine Amsler (histoire moderne), Claude Bourqui (littérature française), Claire Gantet (histoire moderne), Cornelia Herberichs (Germanistik), Jérémie Koering (histoire de l’art des temps moderne), Nina Mueggler (littérature française)

Ort/Lieu, Datum/date : Université de Fribourg, 12.-14.06.2023
Langues : français, anglais, allemand, italien


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