Table Views

Table views are similar to teaser views except the content gets pulled into a single table instead of a list of separate boxes. Tables take all of the content specified and puts them into a table that appears like this: 

Building Pages

One of the main ways of adding and managing content on the H-Net Commons is using the Pages content type. Only editors can create Pages on their network and Pages do not go through moderation; they are published as soon as they are saved or updated. Unlike Discussion Posts, however, Pages can be edited after they are published.  Pages are the most versatile kind of content that you, as an editor, can create.

Creating pages

How to Moderate Your Network

The Moderation Queue

One of the primary responsibilities of network editors is to moderate content submitted to the network by subscribers. Unlike network editors who can publish any content to the network, subscribers can only submit Discussion Posts and Contributions. To access your network's moderation queue, click the “Moderate Posts” link in the editor sidebar menu on the right side of your home page:

Teaser Views

Teaser views are the standard view you see on the front page of networks. Teasers pull all of the content specified in the layout page and puts them in a list that looks as such















How to Manage Your Network

Network Front Page

The default front page layout for all networks displays recent content posted to your network. You can learn about the different layout options using our Advanced Pages tutorial

Press the “Edit” link in the “Manage H-[NetworkName]” sidebar menu to edit the text of the front page as you would for any normal page (see the How to Build Pages module for more information). 

Advanced Pages

Adding Views

To add views to your page, select the gear in the top left corner of the box you're working in (It should say a region name like Top, Center, Left Above, etc.) and click the “Add content” link that pops up.

Using Your Plan Network and Editorial Email

Plan Network

Each network has a plan network associated with it that editors use to draft content before posting it to their public network. This network and all of its content can only be seen by your fellow editors or H-Net Staff. You can find a link to your plan network in your network’s sidebar under the menu link “Plan-[NetworkName]”.

Profile Basics

Requesting a new password

If you forget the password to your H-Net Commons account, you can request a new one. You can do so by pressing the “Log In” link near the top right of any page on the Commons. Then select the “Request a new password” link in the page’s sidebar menu. From there, you will simply enter in your email address and fill in the Captcha and you will be sent an email containing a temporary password and instructions on how to use it to log in to your H-Net account.

CPUSA membership

The discussion of CPUSA membership after the Pact reminds me that it would be a nice project for someone to bring together documents or citations to documents that provide reliable numbers of CPUSA membership by year. 

We have all sorts of estimates from the origins of the party to the 60s and 70s, but my impression is that for many years these are just estimates, educated and sometimes no-so-educated guesses based on limited or no ducumentation. 


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