Re: Editor Stepping Down

Dear All, 

Allow me to again thank Clare for her service on behalf of this intellectual community, and to let subscribers know that we do have two new volunteer editors who are in training and will be taking over the editorial work in the coming weeks. You may see a little pause in activity while that happens, but rest assured, we'll be back up and running in no time. 

Kind Regards, 

David Prior
Vice President for Networks, H-Net
Assistant Professor of History, UNM

Positions are open at H-CivWar

Many positions are open at H-Civwar:

  • Discussion editor
  • Book review editor
  • Board member

Would you like to help this group be more dynamic? Would you like to advance your career by listing editorial or board positions on your CV? If so please consider joining H-CivWar in one of these positions. For more information see: 

Or write me directly: 

H-Animal Seeks Review Editors

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