Help H-Net and H-HistGeog Prepare for our Next 25 Years!

Soon after H-HistGeog launched at H-Net in January 2002 its indefatigable editor Sam Otterstrom was moderating discussions of "GIS and segregation," “public and private space in places past,” and new queries for texts and resources.  The resulting threads illustrated the kind of helpful collaboration and information-sharing that have defined who we are at H-Net.

Please Join Our 25th Anniversary Celebration!

H-AfrArts has been online at H-Net for twenty-two years.  Can you help us build the future for the study of African expressive arts and African Studies at H-Net?  Our decades of support for the field is a living record of the sweeping changes stemming from the transformation of new media.  Back in 1996, barely a month after H-AfrArts’s launch at H-Net, Kate Ezra’s plea for “providing students with images via CD-ROMs or

Please Help H-Net and H-AmRel

No sooner had H-AmRel launched at H-Net in late 1994, than it became clear there was plenty to talk about; the network was immersed in conversations about various aspects of “mission” in American religious history — “mission” in foreign policy, films about Christian missions, readings on the subject, new research — the kind of discussion and collaboration tha

Please Help H-Net and H-ANZAU

H-ANZAU has been continuously online at H-Net for almost 25 years, covering news, scholarship, teaching, and policy issues in Aotearoa, Australia, and the Southwest Pacific generally.  Please help support H-ANZAU and H-Net as we build our next 25 years.  This network pioneered online book reviewing, which its founder and future H-Net president Paul Turnbull


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