Celebrating 25 Years Online - H-Net Needs Your Support

Greetings members of H-Florida!

As the current review editor and a list editor for H-Florida, I wanted to tell you about why I find H-Net to be a wonderful resource and worthy of your support. Some of you are already aware that there is a fundraising drive to help preserve H-Net's independence and integrity, but there is a chance that a few of you may still be unaware. 

Please Help H-AMSTDY and H-Net on Their 25th Anniversary!

Writing at the dawn of H-AMSTDY, in July 1993, founder Jeff Finlay pointed out “Once you yourself stop thinking of who you are and where you're coming from, you'll slip into belonging as a member of a true scholarly community.  You'll learn that the computer mediated conversation we're having can help you discover your own voice, and transform you from being a passive consumer of knowledge to an active producer of

Please Help H-1960s and H-Net Continue for Another 25 Years!

As soon as founding editor Michael Lumisch posted his inaugural invitation 14 years ago to join the discussion at H-1960s, subscribers were offering suggestions for course readings, debating periodization, discussing the meaning of the “counterculture,” and wondering whether major scholars could be invited to discuss their research.  Eventually subscribers were wondering about


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