H-Net's Future: A Glimpse of the Next 25 Years

Quo Vadis, H-Net?  It’s our 25th anniversary, so naturally we wonder where the next 25 years will take us.  Our transition to the H-Net Commons five years ago opened a new world of possibilities for content sharing, networking, publishing, and communications services for scholars in the social sciences and humanities.  Will you help us get there?

Our talented professional staff and a legion of wonderful volunteer editors are already marking out an exciting future for our organization. A few glimpses beyond the horizon:

Please Help Advance H-Net's Collaborations with Your Professional Organizations

Did you know that from its beginnings 25 years ago, H-Net has supported the work of dozens of professional scholarly organizations, big and small?  Long before the advent of the web, H-Net’s listservs provided a vital channel for scholarly societies to attract new members, spread news of their work, and announce new projects and publications.  Many of these societies have sponsored or endorsed networks and enlivened discussions with contributions from members, leaders, and officers.

Please Help Support H-War and H-Net

Twenty-three years ago Mark Parillo, who then was my colleague at Kansas State University, introduced H-War by saying that “It should be clear from this that my interest in assisting with this list lies not in any inherent joy in the technology of the Internet but rather in my belief in this list's potential value as a research and communications tool for teachers, librarians, and researchers in the field of military histor

Help H-World and H-Net on our 25th Anniversary

H-World launched at H-Net in 1994, and immediately its editors, Dan Segal and Pat Manning, found themselves handling a debate over “civilization as a concept in teaching” and teaching history “backwards.”  This is what defines H-Net: collaboration, debate, sharing of ideas and information, in a free and safe harbor watched over by hard-working pioneers like Dan, Pat, and their successors at the helm of the network.


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