OAH panel on USA & Africa

I'd like to propose a panel on American engagement with Africa in the 19th century to the OAH, which meets in Philadelphia in early April, 2019. I will present on how accounts of African exploration by Livingstone, Burton, Du Chaillu and others influenced conversations about race and citizenship during the Civil War and Reconstruction. Please respond to dkilbride@jcu.edu.

Daniel Kilbride

Seeking Participants for Panel on Masculinity and Politics, OAH 2019

I am putting together a panel on masculinity and politics for the 2019 OAH. My work is on anti-matriarchalism and the origins of the Men's Rights Movement, and I'm looking for fellow panelists whose research addresses the broad theme of the role of changing ideas about manhood, masculinity, and/or male sexuality in electoral and legislative politics. The conference theme is "The Work of Freedom," and so a loose theme for this panel might be gendered definitions of liberty and the resulting political behavior. The format will be either a traditional paper session or a panel discussion.

New badge possibilities at the 2018 OAH Annual Meeting

Under the well-meaning guise of network tools, conferences ask that all attendees wear a name badge prominently displayed on their person. In order to further help attendees navigate the many faces and names, they also traditionally ask for each person's affiliation.


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