Re: Interesting article about art podcasts & podcast formats

I agree with you that the podcast can be seen as an expression of scholarly engagement. I'm thinking of this expressly through the lens of public scholarship expressed by Imagining America Working on my podcasts with colleague and students to explore community, if framed by a broader scholarly question should be seen as part of a bigger, knowledge creation framework.

New Books in Science, Tech and Society podcast: THE FOURTH AGE by Gigaom's Byron Reese

In his new book, The Fourth Age: Smart Robots, Conscious Computers, and the Future of Humanity (Simon & Schuster, 2018), futurist, technologist, and CEO of Gigaom, Byron Reese makes the case that technology has reshaped humanity just three times in history: 100,000 years ago, we harnessed fire, which

The Art of the Review - Holiday Hiatus


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Dear listeners,

The Art of the Review is going on a brief hiatus. We'll be back in January with all new episodes and conversations about

New episode of Sexing History podcast explores the hidden queer history of American Bandstand

The latest episode of Sexing History, a podcast about how the history of sexuality shapes our present, explores the hidden queer history and racial history of the hit television show American Bandstand. Featuring exclusive interviews with Bandstand dancers, commentary from leading scholars, and archival material, this episode reveals how whiteness and heterosexuality were constituted on television at midcentury.


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