Please Volunteer--H-CivWar needs Review and Discussion Editors--Please Volunteer

Dear Subscribers,

H-Net is built around volunteerism from the executive council all the way to your network editors. Without volunteers, H-Net cannot function and not deliver the high-quality material you are used to and enjoy reading. We need you!

H-Minerva is Recruiting New Editors!

The current editors of H-Minerva are seeking new editors to join our team! The network is looking for two or three editors to take on duties and responsibilities on a voluntary basis. Editors mainly moderate discussion posts and general announcements.

We also hope that by expanding our editorial team, editors will be able to develop new content based on their interests, such as blogs, pulling together syllabi and other Teaching and Research Resources, as well as cross-network projects. This type of content makes a network vibrant – and is easier to do the more editors we have!


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